CRM Software For Sales-Driven Enterprises


DealsCRM is an enterprise software that lets sales-driven enterprises map out their sales process visually and optimize customer interaction, customer data management, sales pipelines, project management and daily business performance quantitatively.

Custom-Built CRM Software For Sales-driven Enterprises

DealsCRM is an enterprise software that simplifies your all business processes. With one CRM software, manage customer experience and team performance right at your fingertips, quantitatively!

Unlimited Users | Unlimited Projects | Unlimited Contacts | Self-hosted Under Your Own Logo

Sales Management

Grow and Track Every Step of Your Sales Pipeline With Optimum Insight and Minimum Error. Leave no area unsupervised and track your sales process visually from start to finish to ensure that more deals are closed and risks are minimized for improved performance and efficiency.

Project Management

Accelerate Your Team Productivity By Keeping Every Member of Your Team On the Same Page. Help team members understand what tasks need follow-up and deliver work for time-sensitive projects.

Support Management

A faster, seamless support system that will boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Make use of automated processes that will instantly attend to customers’ concerns to avoid frustrations and costly delays.

Account Management

Build detailed and professional-grade quotations and invoices to impress your customers. Take initiative and deliver unparalleled quality to customers with unmediated attention on all accounts with automated ease.

KPI Management

Set up short-term and long-term goals, and track individual and team progress to eliminate poor sales practices and improve productivity. Keep all staff members in the loop about what works and what doesn’t, leave nothing to chance.

Real Time Report

View real time reports on areas of sales, income, feedback, and team members’ progress to help you monitor your business performance quantitatively, from anytime anywhere.

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